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You want to extend your hair and look like a Hollywood star?

You have always dreamt of Rapunzel’s hair, but the mother nature did not give what you wanted? You don’t know what to do with devastated hair after a failed colouring? Or maybe you followed a fashion of a short hairstyle, and now you want to have long hair in order to look less seriously and rejuvenate?

No matter in which scenario you play the leading role…
Prepare for action — in this one there won’t be a cut!

Action: hair extension!

Hair extension which doesn’t destroy hair.

We have our own way for healthy hair extensions and we’d love to share it with you — it is our original HH Keratin mini bondes method. It consists in attaching extended, natural hair (Slavic or virgin) to your hair with the use of small bonds, which are practically invisible. These bonds are characterised by resistance because they are created with the use of natural keratin — it’s thanks to the keratin that the hair structure remains untouched.

Action: care!

Tablets for hair, which will make you shine.

In order to keep your hair in good share, you need to take care of it. For this, you need to properly take care of your hair and supplement it from the inside. We are perfectly aware that it is essential, this is why we have prepared an offer consisting in tablets for hair and nails, as well as cosmetics enriched with argan oil or keratin — you will find it all in our shop.

Action: modelling!

Keratin treatment, modelling or colouring?

We also have it here! If you dream of straight, shiny, nourished hair, then keratin treatment is something you need. Or maybe you want to change the colour? There you go!