About us

Hi, this is us — Hollywood Hair! Hair extension experts.

We are convinced that all changes start in the head, also when we talk about appearance. We have seen many metamorphoses — it’s unbelievable how a change of the length of hair can affect our image! This makes women, who decided to use our services, feel much better in their own skin. The possibility of watching these incredible metamorphoses with our own eyes makes us love our job more and more everyday. That is why we do what we do, with our whole hearts and with professionalism.

For the same reasons we always take a step forward. And this is how we introduced our own hair extension method — HH keratin mini bondes. The new method turned out to be a great success. By creating small keratin bonds we have preserved the durability of the extension effect in all cases. Thus, the extended hair becomes comfortable for our customers, because small bonds are almost unnoticeable. What is more, they do not damage the hair of our customers, meaning that they are completely safe.

But that’s not all, beautiful hair is not only about its length. We focus the attention of our customers on healthy care and supplementation from the inside. That is why in our shop we offer both cosmetics essential for hair care and dietary supplements.