Famous faces in Hollywood Hair

Stars from TV, music stage, Internet, YouTube or even TikTok are women taking care of their image, and especially their hair, which often undergoes metamorphoses and changes. Which celebrities love long hair and extend it?  Ekipa Friza If you don’t know the most famous group of influencers, make sure to check them out. It’s a …


Types of hair we work on in Hollywood Hair

As a network of salons with many years of experience in extending hair, Hollywood Hair has reliable suppliers and hair purchases, with whom we conduct a long-term cooperation. Thanks to this we purchase only best quality hair in order to provide our customers with the best quality of service.  Own HAIR PURCHASE which we carry out …


Hair extension in Hollywood Hair – we answer your questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions concerning the hair extension service and answered them here. We believe that the provided answers will dispel all your doubts. Hair types In this part we provide answers to questions concerning the products we offer – hair for the extension of styling. What kind of hair do …