Stars from TV, music stage, Internet, YouTube or even TikTok are women taking care of their image, and especially their hair, which often undergoes metamorphoses and changes. Which celebrities love long hair and extend it? 

Ekipa Friza

If you don’t know the most famous group of influencers, make sure to check them out. It’s a group of young, well-known, popular youtubers and influencers, who create incredible things on Social Media. This group includes, among many, Weronika Sowa ( wersow), Marcysia Ryskala, Kasia Bożek (fusialka), Marta Błoch (murcix) all the girls love long, thick hair, and helps to obtain the best result 

Actresses, influencers and TV presenters

Work on television requires impeccable hairstyle, which is often changed and selected for the needs of a given show or production. Who underwent a metamorphosis in Hollywood Hair?

Maja Bohosiewicz

Sonia Bohosiewicz

Karolina Gilon

Patrycja Kazadi

Ola Kot

Malwina Wędzikowska

Magdalena Karwacka 

Monika Miller

Who reigns on Instagram?

They love changing their hairstyle and image. They often play with fashion and show it in the pictures. Their content is mainly based on fashion or beauty, but also other meaningful issues, which they share on a daily basis. Our guests were: 

Maffashion i.e. Julia Kuczyńska

Mamaginekolog i.e. Nikole Sochacki-Wójcicka

Katarzyna Nosowska


Pamela Stefanowicz from Fitlovers    

Tiktok – young generation stars 

They are young and popular. Girls, who conquer TikTok and Social Media with their creativity and talent. Hair is an inseparable element in videos and photos, who decided to extend it?

Martyna Pysia 

Martyna Pysia and Fagataaa

Oliwia Misztal

Monika Kociołek