Hair care

Caring for hair is very important if we want to enjoy beautiful and long hair for months. How to care for extended hair?

How to wash hair after keratin hair extensions?

Washing extended hair should be performed in a vertical position, meaning from the top with a head tilted to the back, preferably in the shower. Note that hairdressers wash hair in a similar way — it’s not a coincidence! Do not tangle hair or do not wash it with circular movements. Do not wash it over a bath by keeping your hair down. You can wash your hair with water at any temperature, how you like. After soaking your hair in water, continue to the next step:

  • Applying shampoo — apply shampoo on the scalp. You can scrub this part of the head, and when lather appears, move it downwards and gently massage it into the remaining part of hair.
  • Rinsing — do it precisely! Otherwise your head may itch. After rinsing, remove the excess water from your hair.
  • Applying conditioner/mask — massage the product gently into the tips or your hair. Do not apply it on the scalp! Wait five minutes and rise it from your hair. Remove excess water.

How to comb and dry hair extensions?

To begin with, you can wrap your hair with a towel in order to let it dry. Then apply a heat protection spay on your moist hair (more precisely – on its tips). Proceed to combing — it’s important to do it in small parts with the use of a special brush for hair extensions. After combing, start to dry it from the top to bottom, but leave your hair slightly moist. Then finish drying your hair on a brush: place the brush under a divided section of your hair, place the hair dryer at a downward angle and more from root to end.

Please note!

We recommend not to use drugstore products for haircare, as they do not provide hair with a proper level of hydration. Use products free of oils and alcohols available in hairdressing wholesalers or take a look at our offer.

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