We have gathered the most frequently asked questions concerning the hair extension service and answered them here. We believe that the provided answers will dispel all your doubts.

Hair types

In this part we provide answers to questions concerning the products we offer – hair for the extension of styling.

What kind of hair do you offer – synthetic or natural?

In its offer, Hollywood Hair has only natural hair. We do not purchase synthetic hair. We cooperate with proven and reliable suppliers, from whom we purchase hair which is taken care of, healthy and of the best quality. We also run a hair purchase, where you can come and have your hair cut and sold.

What type of natural hair do you have in your offer?

Our offer includes Slavic lux and virgin hair. Slavic hair is dyed, available in various shades in order to match them to natural hair (your hair) in the best possible way. When it comes to virgin hair, it is usually collected from children – this type of hair is softer and non-dyed.

What lengths of hair are available?

The shortest available lengths are approx. 35 cm, the longest – even 100 cm. Click here for more details. The longest variants are less accessible, so it’s best to call us and ask about the availability of the length you are interested in before going to our hair salon.

Can the extended hair be freely styled and dyed?

Yes, our hair can be dyed, styled, curled and straightened. Remember, however, to provide your hair with thermal protection – with the use of a heat protection spray. We do not recommend to bleach hair.

Is it possible to only thicken my hair?

Yes. The HH Keratin mini bondes method we use also allows to thicken hair without changing its length. We often take difficult cases, such as reconstruction of sides and a fringe.

Can I extend my hair after chemotherapy?

Yes, if your hair is of an appropriate length and doesn’t excessively fall out.

Preparing for your visit

The visit does not require special preparations, your hair is washed in our salon.

Can everyone extend their hair?

A contra-indication for the hair extension treatment is excessive hair loss and diseases of the scalp. It is also very important to be positive about the treatment and not to be afraid of hair loss.

I’m worried that hair extension can be harmful to me

If you’re not sure whether hair extension is for you (you’re worried, scared) – before making an appointment consult a trichologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist or another specialist doctor, who will issue a decision and give consent.

What method do you use to perform the treatment?

HollywoodHair uses the HH Keratin mini bondes method. It is our original method, in which we manually form small, strong and very resistant bonds out of best quality natural keratin. Keratin does not destroy the structure of hair, therefore the bands are reusable. For more information about the HH Karatin mini bondes method click here.

How long does the hair extension treatment last?

Depending on the expected thickness, the treatment lasts in average 2-3 hours. However, the treatment may last even up to 6 hours, all depends on your expectations. Request a consultation to learn more.

Do I have to wash my hair before the treatment?

We always ask you to come to the salon with clean hair, before the treatment it is once again cleaned with special cosmetics. After the treatment you shouldn’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours.

Hair care

You can learn how to properly take care of hair by watching our YouTube Hollywood Hair tutorials andhere

After what time from the treatment can I wash my hair?

The first hair washing may be done not earlier than 48 hours after the treatment.

Can I tie my hair?

You shouldn’t tie you hair for 7 days from the treatment in order not to stretch the hair and not to irritate the scalp. We recommend to tie your hair to sleep, either in two ponytails or two loose braids.

How to wash hair?

Hair should be washed every 1-3 days in a vertical position. We recommend using Hollywood Hair shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Do not tangle hair when washing, massage the scalp thoroughly using your fingertips. Then carefully rinse the cosmetics from your hair. After washing, you can wrap your hair into a towel in order to remove excess water, and then dry it.

Can I sleep with moist/wet hair?

You should thoroughly dry your hair before going to sleep. Do not go to sleep with moist or wet hair. This may result in many tangles and difficulties to comb your hair.

How to properly dry hair?

Prior to drying, you should thoroughly comb your hair and apply heat protection. You should then dry your hair with a hair dryer from the top down, combing it at the same time. How to do it? click here  (YouTube link) 

How to care for hair?

The key to proper care is choosing appropriate, safe cosmetics, such as Hollywood Hair brand products – which are adapted to extended hair and support its quality and longevity.

How to comb hair?

Hair should be combed thoroughly from root 1-2 times per day, before and after the bath, and after removing the excess water with a towel. We recommend using a Hollywood Hair hair brush, which carefully combs intrabond spaces. Once every 2 weeks check the connections with your fingers, separate them if necessary.

When to go for to the hair pulling up?

You should schedule an appointment for pulling up from 1.5 to 4 months, depending on the condition and thickness of your natural hair. To learn more about the pulling up process click here.


What does the guarantee cover?

The hair care guarantee covers free follow-up visits and adjustments, advice, quick contact and support. Moreover, we will put on the bands that fell and change the location of bands which turned out not to be comfortable.