Hair purchase

There’s a lot going on on your head? Well, that’s good news — you can additionally earn good money for it! In this section you can read about the process of hair purchase.

Natural hair purchase is becoming more and more popular. In Hollywood Hair you will sell your hair for a good price. However, this depends on different things. Which ones?

Price for natural hair depends on its thickness and length. Not without significance is also its structure, which means its condition. Another issue concerns the age of hair. Often right after the first communion a girl together with her parents decides to cut it due to convenience — this kind of hair is the most precious. It’s also teenagers up to 16 years old and women whose hair has never been coloured, who can expect a better price. In all the three cases we refer to such hair as the virgin hair.

How to cut hair for purchase?

Remember that before cutting hair, it has to be washed thoroughly and you shouldn’t apply any conditioner or hair mask. Properly prepared hair should be divided into 4 parts: back of the head (lower and upper part), left side of the head and right side of the head. Tie all the parts with rubber bands, and then make braids out of them, tie them at the bottom with the use of a rubber band. Cut it 2-3 cm above the rubber band. Mark, preferably by notes, the lower and the upper part of the braids.