Price list

Hair price list

Slavic Lux hair 40–50cm6 euro per gram
Slavic Lux hair 60 cm7 euro per gram
Slavic Lux hair 70 cm8 euro per gram
Slavic Lux hair 80 cm
12 euro per gram

The given prices include the cost of service.
They may vary depending on the available assortment in our salon.

Additional services

Hair correction250 euro
Hair correcting after another salon350 euro
Removal50 euro
Keratin treatment150 euro
Blow dry25-35 euro
Cut hair25-35 euro
Cut hair + blow dry45-50 euro

The given prices include the cost of service.
They may vary depending on the available assortment in our salon.

Pulling up
up to 50 gramsPLN 650.00
up to 150 gramsPLN 750.00
up to 200 gramsPLN 850.00
up to 200 gramsPLN 1,000.00

Adding hair – according to the price list per gram

Hairdressing services and care

Modelling + washingPLN 80.00PLN 100.00PLN 130.00
PLN 300.00PLN 350.00PLN 400,00
Balayage + tonePLN 450.00PLN 500.00PLN 550.00
Reflexes 2–4 pcsPLN 140.00PLN 180.00PLN 200.00
Blond roots + tonePLN 380.00PLN 400,00PLN 450.00
Dark root
PLN 300.00PLN 350.00PLN 400,00
Decolorization + tonePLN 550.00PLN 650.00PLN 750.00
Keratin treatmentPLN 550.00PLN 600.00PLN 700.00
BC Fibre regeneration
PLN 180.00PLN 200.00PLN 220.00
JOICO regeneration
PLN 200.00PLN 220.00PLN 250.00
Waves/curls + washingPLN 150.00PLN 180.00PLN 210.00

Hair coloring

Highlights (short hair)155 euro
Highlights (medium hair)185 euro
Highlights (long hair)220 euro
Balayage (short hair)185 euro
Balayage (medium hair)200 euro
Balayage (long hair)235 euro
Global decolor + ton (short hair)85 euro
Global decolor + ton (medium hair)145 euro
Global decolor + ton (long hair)200 euro
Roots bleach + ton (short hair)150 euro
Roots bleach + ton (medium hair)50 euro
Roots bleach + ton (long hair)75 euro
Full head colour (short hair)65 euro
Full head colour (medium hair)85 euro
Full head colour (long hair)100 euro

Trichology services

1 treatment
Package of 5 treatments
analysis of the scalp and hair using micro-camera (consultation) PLN 150.00PLN 150.00
follow-up consultation PLN 70.00PLN 70.00
micro-current scalp massage 20 minPLN 50.00PLN 200.00
laser therapy for the scalp and hair by 5 types of LLLT light 1 series 30 minPLN 129.00PLN 599.00
oxygen infusion hair loss ampoulePLN 180.00PLN 799.00
oxygen infusion hair growth ampoulePLN 180.00PLN 799.00
oxybrasion (microdermabrasion) of the scalpPLN 200.00PLN 899.00
scalp cleansing (peeling)PLN 200.00PLN 799.00


1 treatmentPackage of 5 treatments

trichology consultationScalp cleansing peelingScalp oxybrasionOxygen infusion hair loss ampouleMicro-current massage

LED Hair Laser treatment

PLN 499.00PLN 1.499.00

trichology consultationScalp cleansing peelingJOICO hair regeneration
PLN 399.00PLN 1.299.00

JOICO hair regenerationMicro-current massageLED Hair Laser treatment
PLN 299.00PLN 999.00
TREATMENTS PERFORMED ONLY IN Hollywood Hair salon at ul. Belwederska 44 in Warsaw


Guarantee of care

As part of services in our salons, each customers receives a guarantee of care for hair, which is free of charge and covers:

  • follow-up visits
  • adjustments
  • reattaching the bands that fell
  • changing the place of uncomfortable bands
  • advice and help
  • fast contact and support

Video tutorials: @hollywoodhairwarsaw

HH Keratin Mini Bondes ® METHOD

Our original hair extension method thanks to which you will experience the most comfortable, the least visible and the most individual, tailored hair extension effect.

This method involves the use of the SLAVIC LUX hair and the VIRGIN hair.

HH Keratin mini bondes is our original method of forming very small, strong and resistant bonds by hand, with the use of best quality natural keratin, thanks to which the hair structure is not damaged and the bands are reusable.

The method consists in combining bands of natural hair, extended with the use of keratin bonds.
Keratin is heated with the use of a heat sealing machine and formed on a band of hair of our customer in a small bond, without touching the hair of the customer with the heat.
Why is our method unique?
our experts work in teams where appointed stylists continuously create bands matching the colour and thickness of the customer’s hair, thanks to which we may create the most personalized effect of hair extensions.
Our hair extension experts match smaller/bigger bands to specific places on the head, this is why our method allows for a reconstruction of very short hair, sides or a fringe, and allows to extend hair almost at the top of the head, which is not possible with the use of other methods.

Hair created with our original method has to be pulled up every 4 months maximum (thin and brittle hair every 1.2-2 months, medium thickness hair every 3 months, thick hair every 4 months).
Pulling up of hair consists in removing bands and reapplying them: the bond is crushed with the use of special pliers, without damaging the structure of natural hair and without the use of liquids and chemical substances.
During the pulling up process, the bands are reduced by the length of the bond, and after cutting hair ends at the end of the extension treatment by 2-7 cm, depending on the cut (the length of the hair cut straight will be reduced more). The loss of hair weight every 3-4 months between the pulling up may amount to approx. 10-15% depending on the applied care and the method of combing.
The originally selected weight on the day of application is reduced by the number of combed short hair, transformation into bands and the quantity of the cut and layered hair at the end of the extension process, e.g. the effect of 100 g of hair gives us a realistic weight on the head of 85-90 g

*contraindications for the treatment is an excessive hair loss, diseases of the scalp, fear of hair loss.
If you’re not sure that your hair is good for a hair extension treatment, consult a trichologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist or a specialist doctor, who will issue an appropriate consent.
Hollywood Hair salons do not perform examinations for contraindications for the treatment, the customer decides on the treatment on its own responsibility.

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