As a network of salons with many years of experience in extending hair, Hollywood Hair has reliable suppliers and hair purchases, with whom we conduct a long-term cooperation. Thanks to this we purchase only best quality hair in order to provide our customers with the best quality of service. 

Own HAIR PURCHASE which we carry out in: Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow, Sopot, is our source of virgin hair. We personally select and cut hair, which is: non-coloured, healthy and of best quality. 

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What kind of hair do we work on? 

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The best quality hair, cut straight for the head, coloured or bleached. It originates from women from Slavic countries, such as: Poland, Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. This type of hair perfectly harmonizes with the hair of Polish women thanks to its easily-adaptable structure and variety. Slavic lux is also characterised with the best quality, as this hair has been selected in this respect. 

Slavic hair is divided into the following structures: 


meaning hair of a fluffy and porous structure. After washing, hair may dry on its own leaving a “surfer” style. This type of hair is easy to style, hair may be straightened and curled. Recommended to women whose natural hair is highly and medium porous and wavy. 


various hair, adapting to the majority of structures. After drying, it is straight and slightly frizzy. It’s best to style it on a brush in order to obtain an effect of smooth and radiant hair. Recommended to women who prefer the effect of straight hair and often style it.


high porosity hair of a varied curl If you are looking for this hair structure, make sure it is available before making an appointment.


This is POLISH hair cut straight from the head, unprocessed, non-coloured. It is characterised by the best possible quality, each ponytail comes from one head. 

It most often occurs in dark-blond colour in lengths ranging from 40 to 50 cm. If you choose this type of hair, make sure that your dream length is available during your visit. 

Available colours and lengths

Slavic lux hair is available in every salon in many shades and lengths ranging from 45 to 70 cm. We do not have to individually order it. 

*remember to inform us if the colour of your hair is atypical and you wish to have hair over 70 cm. 

Virgin hair is available in lengths ranging from 35 to 45 cm in dark blond shades. Longer hair in other shades is less frequent. Follow our profile on Instagram @hollywoodhairwarsaw, in order to book it as soon as it becomes available.

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